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Welcome to my homepage.

About me

My name is Felix Fontein and I am working as a software engineer at Dybuster AG, a company based in Zürich (Switzerland).

My math homepage can be found here; I also have a math blog. If you are interested in my photos, look in my blog. If you want to contact me, take a peek at the contact section.


In case you want to contact me, feel free to drop me a mail at felix@fontein.de. But be warned that I get lots of spam (guess why) and I delete “unknown” mails quite fast, so don't let your mails look too much like spam :-).

In case you want to send me encrypted emails, you can download my GPG/PGP public key. Its fingerprint should be 1CBD 23A6 4DD7 03A8 08AF 66E7 1E60 B859 8833 B166.

(Please do not send me HTML mails. In particular, don't send me encrypted HTML mails.)

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