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Welcome to my homepage.

About me

My name is Felix Fontein and I am working as a software engineer at Dybuster AG, a company based in Zürich (Switzerland).

My math homepage can be found here; I also have a math blog. If you are interested in my photos, look in my blog. If you want to contact me, take a peek at the contact section.


In case you want to contact me, feel free to drop me a mail at felix@fontein.de. But be warned that I get lots of spam (guess why) and I delete “unknown” mails quite fast, so don't let your mails look too much like spam :-).

In case you want to send me encrypted emails, you can download my GPG/PGP public key. It's fingerprint should be 1CBD 23A6 4DD7 03A8 08AF 66E7 1E60 B859 8833 B166.